Precision CNC Machining Services

We are a precision CNC machining facility passionate about providing a superior customer experience.

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McCormick Industries Specializes in
Precision Swiss Turning, CNC Milling & Turning

Swiss Precision

We provide Swiss-type turning services for the high-speed, high-accuracy production of parts with diameters up to 1.25″.

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CNC Miling

McCormick Industries provides CNC milling services for the production of exceptionally close tolerance parts.

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CNC Turning

Our CNC Turning capabilities allow us to meet tolerances as close as ± .0001″ on length and diameter and ±.00008″ on roundness.

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Who We Are

McCormick Industries is a precision CNC machining facility with experience dedicated to high technology manufacturing. Our company provides high quality machining and assembly to industrial, aerospace, defense, and medical sectors.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product, on time delivery, customer service, and competitive pricing.

McCormick Industrie

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