Musical Instrument Parts Machining Services

CNC instruments are versatile tools that can be used to produce a variety of musical instrument parts. The machines can quickly and accurately produce parts with high precision. CNC machines offer a wide range of capabilities, making them ideal for producing small or large batches of parts. 

At McCormick Industries, we offer CNC machining services for musical instrument parts, such as brass and stringed instruments. We can work many types of metals and some plastics. Our CNC machines are state-of-the-art, and our team of skilled technicians have years of experience working with a variety of CNC instruments. 

Whether you need a single part or several parts for your musical instrument, we have you covered. We offer competitive pricing and produce part with the highest quality. Contact us today to learn more about our CNC machining services for musical instrument parts.

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Musical instrument parts machining capabilities 

Musical instruments are complex machines made up of different parts that must be machined to exact specifications for the instrument to function properly. At our facility, we have the capabilities to machine various parts that make up a musical instrument. We take pride in our workmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every part we produce meets the highest quality standards. 

Our CNC machines are specially equipped to handle the machining of musical instrument parts. With our high-precision machines, we can produce large quantities of parts quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality or performance. We understand that musical instruments are a passion for many people, and we ensure that every part we produce meets the highest quality standards. 

Advantages of CNC machining for musical instrument parts 

CNC machining is a technology that has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, and its advantages are now being realized in the musical instrument sector as well. CNC machining allows for extremely high levels of precision, which means parts can be reproduced with great consistency between models. This is essential for companies that mass-produce instruments, ensuring that each sounds precisely the same. 

Another advantage of CNC machining is that it offers the flexibility to use a variety of manufacturing methods. This means that parts can be produced using different techniques, saving time and money. For example, some parts may be milled on a CNC machine, while others may be turned or even injection molded. This flexibility means that companies can choose the most efficient and cost-effective method for each part. 

In summary, CNC machining offers several advantages for musical instrument parts, including high-quality reproduction and flexibility. This makes it an essential technology for anyone involved in producing musical instruments. 

Machined musical instrument parts examples 

Some examples of machined musical instrument parts are string height adjusters, brass instrument parts, valve casing, mouthpieces, bottom valve cap, top cap, and valve case blank. All of these parts must be made to precise specifications to ensure that the instruments they are used in function correctly. 

  • String height adjuster: A string height adjuster is a small device used to adjust the strings’ height on a guitar. It is usually located near the nut at the guitar neck’s bottom. The string height adjuster allows you to raise or lower the strings to achieve the optimal playing action for your particular style of play. 
  • Brass instrument parts: The brass family of instruments is made up of various types of horns, each with its own set of parts. These parts work together to produce the beautiful sound we associate with brass instruments. 
  • Valve casing: The valve casing is a vital part of a musical instrument. It helps to protect the valves and other internal parts of the instrument from damage. Valve casing also helps to improve the instrument’s sound by reducing the amount of noise produced when the valves are played. 
  • Mouthpieces: A mouthpiece is a small, cup-shaped piece of equipment attached to the end of a musical instrument, such as a trumpet or trombone. The mouthpiece is placed in the player’s mouth to direct air into the instrument. 
  • Bottom valve cap: The bottom valve cap is a small, round piece that fits over the bottom valve of a trumpet or other brass instrument. It helps keep the valve in place and provides a smooth surface for the player’s thumb to press against when operating the valve. The bottom valve cap is usually made of metal but can also be made of plastic or other materials. 
  • Top cap: A top cap is a small, round piece of metal that fits over the top of a musical instrument’s neck. It helps to protect the neck from damage and wear and tear. Top caps can be made from different materials, such as brass, nickel-plated steel, or stainless steel. They are usually attached to the neck with screws or bolts. 
  • Valve case blank: The valve case blank is a machined part used in the construction of musical instruments. It is made from brass or other suitable metals and houses the instrument’s valves. The blank is typically machined to a tolerance of +/- 0.005 inches (0.13 mm) and has a smooth, polished surface finish.


Precision CNC machining services for musical instruments from McCormick Industries 

Musicians need quality instrument parts to create beautiful music, but sourcing these parts can be difficult and time-consuming. Not only do you have to find a quality supplier of instrument parts, but you also have to make sure the parts are machined perfectly to your specifications. Any mistake could ruin your performance. 

McCormick Industries offers precision machining services for musical instrument parts. As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, we have over 25 years of experience in the industry. Our team of experts can help you create the perfect part for your instrument. We offer a wide range of services, including CNC machining, CNC milling, CNC turning, and more. 

We utilize the latest CNC technology and employ a skilled team of craftsmen to produce the highest quality parts possible. Our state-of-the-art facility has a wide range of CNC machining centers, lathes, and other support equipment. This allows us to handle even the most complex projects. 

Contact us today to know more about our musical instrument parts machining services or request a quote to start your custom project.